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. her political experience will help her with up coming challenges such as implementing healthcare changes. >> there are a lot of changes that are impacting local government. it requires somebody who is experience. >> canddants have till wednesday to file -- candidates have till wednesday to file. >>> the office of ethics conducts investigations into house members. the investigation centers on spend being boxman or members of her staff. her attorney says michele bachmann is cooperating with the investigation. >>> apple perched a start up -- perched a start up. the company is paying $20 million for wifi slam. apple confirms the deal but isn't giving any details. >>> chevron struck oil at a new well in the gulf of mexico. the company today announced the discovery at the well. 190 miles off the louisiana coast. crews drilled 6 miles deep. the well results are being evaluated. it is 12 miles from a discovery last week. >>> the golden gate bridge district is days away from ending its toll collection. a new sign is up to remind drivers the bridge wi
medicare, rolling back healthcare reform and making other cuts. >>> the defense department released the names of five u.s. service members killed when their helicopter went down in afghanistan last monday during a rainstorm. the dead were identified as staff sergeant steven blast of iowa chief officer henderson and captain sarah nut son of maryland. all of them were 27. also killed were 31-year-old staff sergeant mark sealdo of map m the, florida and zackery shannon of florida. the military says there was no enemy activity in the area at the time of the crash. >>> the fear is different. >> ten years since the beginning of the war. how people in that country say life changed. >> and a spectacular sight overseas. the volume can in this case blast that sent lava flying nearly 10,000 feet. >>> and madonna once again making a statement, a comment she made in support of the gay and lesbian community. if you like shrimp then you're going to love sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp seasoned just right and served in
healthcare in the state. stockton faces another -- generous healthcare in the state. stockton faces another fall on the 1st. >>> the sacramento bee reports the plan to save the sacramento kings rely the mostly on money from parking -- relies mostly on money from parking meters. the city says they can raise by borrowing from you future revenue generated from the downtown garages. billionaire ron berkele and two other investors are trying to stop the kings from moving to seattle. >>> starting next monday, police all over california will be cracking down on you drivers using hand-held cell phones. statewide police issued more than 425,000 tickets for people talking on hand-held phones last year. they also wrote another 21,000 tickets for texting while driving. both have been illegal for five years. the crackdown will continue through all of april. >>> carmakers have something else to be concerned about this morning. there's a new study that shows teenagers are foremore focused on having the highest-tech devices than the cars. a study shows nearly ha
. and medicare itself, or alone, doesn't pay for all of one's healthcare costs. so many people find it necessary, or prudent to supplement their medicare. either with a retirement plan, or if they don't have that option, with other supplemental options. and most choices can be confusing. we actually focus in on what medicare covers and what people's choices are. >> i'm glad you brought this in, because we do start to apply for social security and medicare, you get this nice little, other half an inch booklet here. it gives you all you need to know about medicare? >> that is the basic medicare hand book that medicare expects you to read when you turn 65, or otherwise go on medicare. of course it's not the most gripping reading that anybody might have in front of them, but it is, a sort of good summary of the medicare program and the coverage option. so it's a good place to start. >> so let's try and ask some very basic questions for your answer. first of all, when does one have to apply for medicare? >> good question. most people consider applying
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4